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Edwin Lee is Dubai based professional CPA, in CA. Edwin Lee is having 28 years of experience.

Edwin Lee started his 28 years carrier at PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited as a Senior Associate in Toronto, Canada and right now working in NeoVision Ventures as Senior Executive Officer.

During his carrier, Edwin Lee works for 18 companies, and Edwin Lee of brief about all of the companies on Linkedin and the Time period.


Senior Associate

PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited

Sep 1994 - May 1999 · 4 yrs 9 mos

Toronto, Canada Area

As per Edwin Lee: "Position held in the Audit and then Transaction Services department of the firm. Managed and performed financial audits for publicly listed companies in the manufacturing, services, and technology industries. Performed financial due diligence for various European companies that were joint ventured with the Cuban government in the hospitality and telecommunications industry."


Accounting Manager

Data Business Forms, Inc.

May 1999 - May 2001 · 2 yrs 1 mos

Toronto, Canada Area

As per Edwin Lee: "Managed the bulk paper division of a paper and printing company, whilst supporting the VP Finance in evaluating companies as targets for acquisition. Responsible for the North American monthly and quarterly financial consolidation and reporting."


Financial Consultant

Bell Mobility

Jun 2001 - Sep 2002 · 1 yr 4 mos

Toronto, Canada Area

As per Edwin Lee: "Established, created, and implemented accounting process and internal controls for a new billing system for the largest Canadian wireless telecommunications company."


Founder and Managing Partner

Newhaven Corporate Finance Limited

Jun 2001 - Mar 2010 · 8 yrs 10 mos

Toronto, Canada Area

As per Edwin Lee: "Primarily based in Toronto, Newhaven provided corporate finance and financial consulting services. The company expanded to bases in London and Hong Kong with a focus on SMEs and providing advisory and capital-raising solutions. Examples of transactions are below:

Prime Investments International Group Ltd (Jan 2009 to February 2012)
Raised US$20m cash and resolved US$65m of debt through asset for share swaps during an RTO with Phoenician V. The company has since used the listing platform to acquire assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and has posted intent to list on the LSE.

King Tech International Limited (March 2007 to April 2009)
Successfully won the mandate and executed an RTO onto a London stock exchange raising US$2m for this Hong Kong environmental and infrastructure client that owned assets in China. The company was subsequently sold and privatized for US$6.5m.

Asia Now Resources (February 2006 to October 2006)
Successfully managed the RTO and raised $10m for a Chinese mining company publicly listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Subsequently held the position of CFO during the transition period.

Pharmeng International Inc. (March 2005 to October 2005)
Successfully managed the RTO of this pharmaceutical consulting and generic drug manufacturing company with a holding company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Subsequent to the RTO, held the position of CFO during the transition period and became a member of the Corporate Governance Committee.

CIBC (March 2003 to March 2005)
In the role as a consultant, designed and audited the Sarbanes-Oxley audit program.

Tyco International Ltd. (October 2002 to March 2003)
Independent consultant to the Sarbanes-Oxley team of this large North American publicly traded company in the Fire, Health, and Home Security industry. The project comprised a group of senior executives and financial consultants tasked with evaluating, developing, and implementing the overall Sarbanes-Oxley program for the corporation.


Member Board of Directors


Dec 2008 - Apr 2010 · 1 yr 5 mos

Hong Kong

As per Edwin Lee: "Following successful reverse takeover and was appointed independent director post reverse takeover. Member of the Corporate Governance and Audit Committee on the Board of Directors."


Member Board of Directors

Prime Investments International Group Limited

Jan 2009 - Feb 2012 · 3 yrs 2 mos


As per Edwin Lee: "Following successful reverse takeover and was appointed independent director post reverse takeover. Member of the Corporate Governance and Audit Committee on the Board of Directors."


Managing Director

Investments House LLC

Mar 2010 - Nov 2012 · 2 yrs 9 mos


As per Edwin Lee: "GCC family office with a focus on international markets, sectors covered; real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, commodities, consumer services, and logistics. Focused on sourcing investment opportunities and then executing financial due diligence of potential acquisitions for the company. Responsibilities involve negotiating valuation of assets, evaluating cash flows, reviewing and implementing internal controls, financial reporting procedures, and developing strategic projections and growth plans for companies."


Founder & Managing Partner

Private Group of Funds

Jun 2007 - Mar 2014 · 6 yrs 10 mos


As per Edwin Lee: "Private Group of Funds (“PCC” or the “Fund”) was incorporated and registered as a protected cell company.

PCC will create cell companies with their own distinct investment objectives and strategies. Shareholders will be direct owners of the cell with PCC acting as a holding company.

Each cell will have its own unique target sectors. The goal is to target high-growth sectors in emerging markets.

The Fund provides principal protection to shares held for the duration of the Fund."


Member Board of Directors

Homeland Energy Group Limited

Jul 2009 - Jan 2015 · 5 yrs 7 mos

Toronto, Canada Area

As per Edwin Lee: "Independent director for a Toronto listed mining company with asset holdings in South Africa. The role is active in guiding the company through its various cash flow challenges; foreign ownership requirements and operational issues, ensuring shareholder expectations are met and fairly represented. Member of the company’s Audit, Compensation, and Corporate Governance Committee."


Group Finance Director

Al Mulla Group

Aug 2014 - Jun 2015 · 11 mos

As per Edwin Lee: "A UAE family office with companies owning real estate assets, operations in construction contracting, schools and food and beverage industry.

Current role as Group Finance Director I am initiating, reviewing, analyzing, managing, and closing project financing for various real estate projects for the company. The projects vary from commercial, and residential real estate and in particular the building of operating hotels or furnished service apartments. Involved in feasibility studies and negotiations with hotel operators,

Also, leading the due diligence team on the divestment or acquisition of strategic assets.

Reviewing overall Group financial structure and providing solutions to maximize financing and capital structures for future growth.

Assessing and providing solutions for internal controls and corporate governance procedures."


Member Board of Directors


Mar 2009 - Nov 2016 · 7 yrs 9 mos

London, United Kingdom

As per Edwin Lee: "Successfully raised US$5m to create an investment vehicle with the aim of sourcing an active business to acquire for Reverse Takeover."


Managing Director

NVS Bancorp

Nov 2012 - Dec 2016 · 4 yrs 2 mos

Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Toronto

As per Edwin Lee: "Business Development, Client Management, Financial Consultant and Advisory, Project Management, Initial Public Offering, Capital Raising, Corporate Structuring, Private Equity."


Managing Director

Adspace Digital Media Limited

Oct 2013 - Feb 2018 · 4 yrs 5 mos


As per Edwin Lee: "Adspace is a Digital Media Network providing highly successful digital place-based advertising solutions. We are a modern and innovative organization, whose founders have over 11 years of experience in the DOOH industry.




Managing Director

Kinbo Middle East LLC

Aug 2014 - Aug 2019 · 5 yrs 1 mo

Hong Kong & Dubai

As per Edwin Lee: "KINBO is a leading global player in the building & interior fit-out materials market, especially for the Hospitality Industry.

Our main aim for our products is Quality.

We ensure that the products we deliver help build on our reputation and our relationships with our clients. With us, you are assured of the highest quality of a range of products designed to meet the demand of the most discerning markets. Coupled with our high-quality products, our service also maintains our reputation; offering complete handling of delivery services that complement our products. From the sea and air freight arrangements to bespoke design and international sourcing of products to meet your every requirement.

Our reliability and proven capability to deliver ensure timely project completion and guarantees your and your client’s satisfaction."


Executive Director

AccountAbility FZC

Nov 2014 - Present · 8 yrs


As per Edwin Lee: "Account Ability provides businesses in the region with high quality consulting, tax ( VAT ), accounting and bookkeeping services from its office in Downtown Dubai. Our team of accounting professionals has extensive experience in international business and technical expertise in the service industry, contracting, hospitality, finance, health, defense, and government sectors. With a strong focus on personalized solutions, Account Ability offers flexible and economic options to its customers.

We strive to establish a strong partnership with our clients built on honesty, mutual respect, professionalism, loyalty, and open communication. Our aim is to get to know your business and understand your needs in order to more effectively do our part in growing your business venture."


Director MENA


Mar 2017 - Present · 5 yrs 8 mos

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As per Edwin Lee: ""KoreConX is a free all-in-one solution that helps companies navigate the process of regulated token issues, raising equity capital, and simplifies shareholder communications to reduce risk."

Our secure, integrated and efficient platform is a multi-tool for companies to properly meet securities regulations, and organize, manage, and share corporate information. We help companies stay transparent with shareholders, meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk, and save time and money."


Senior Executive Officer

NeoVision Ventures · Full-time

Sep 2021 - Present · 1 yr 2 mos

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As per Edwin Lee: "NeoVision Ventures is a venture capital firm and studio that invests in start-up and early-stage technology companies. We drive and accelerate disruptive innovations by uniting ambitious concepts with visionary thinkers, operational resources, and strategic capital investment.
Leveraging experience in technology, financial markets, regulatory compliance, and growth strategy, NeoVision seeks to nurture entrepreneurial pursuits into high-growth ventures that pioneer digital transformation in industries. We have a focus on emergent areas of technology and innovation. Our thematic investment strategy puts us in a position to amplify ideas that could shape the world of tomorrow."

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