Mr. Edwin Lee, CEO of NeoVision Ventures in Dubai Join the special panel discussion on Discussion "Blockchain Enabling Evolution in Shipping Finance" at ICS

Edwin Lee CPA, CA is CEO of NeoVision Venture. The aim of Edwin Lee lives in Dubai for Neovision Venture is to invest in start-up and early-stage technology companies and help them grow and achieve new milestones. Edwin Lee and his tram drive and accelerate disruptive innovations by uniting ambitious concepts with visionary thinkers, operational resources, and strategic capital investment.

Edwin Lee CPA, CA
Edwin Lee CPA, CA

Recently Edwin Lee took part in the networking event of The Middle East Branch of ICS in Dubai. Where they are on the idea of combining Web3 and maritime ecosystems. 101 attendees, attend the event including individuals from ICS and the Web3 ecosystem, participated in the event.

Recently The Middle East branch of the ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) healed a networking event on 18th October 2022 sponsored by ShipFinex. The event is all about "Blockchain Enabling Evolution in Shipping Finance".

Jagdish Pandya, a seasoned startup mentor and the creator of BlockOn Capital, an accelerator for forthcoming Web3 businesses, hosted a panel discussion. The panelists were Mr. Sunil Arora, CEO, and Co-Founder of ShipFinex, Mr. Edwin Lee, CEO of NeoVision Ventures in Dubai, Mr. Tony Dagher, Managing Director of TMC Shipping in the UAE, Mr. Nijoe Joseph, an experienced maritime attorney at Stephenson Harwood.

The discussion is on the following topics:
  • Current bottlenecks in Ship financing
  • Attributes of blockchain which can be
  • harnessed in Ship financing
  • Future of Ship Finance - A Preview
Edwin Lee at ICS Panel Discussion
Edwin Lee and panel members at the ICS Middle East hosted a networking event in Dubai

In this important panel discussion of the Middle East branch of the International Chamber of Shipping, Edwin Lee gives his viewpoints on how blockchain and web 3.0 help work in the shipping industry and how it boosts the performance of the shipping industry. Also, discuss the current financial system in the shipping industry and it will be in the future.

With his deep knowledge of the finance industry, blockchain, and web 3.0, Edwin Lee shares a piece of great value information with other panel members and participants of the ICS networking event in Dubai.


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